The Best Way to Find New Funeral Products

There is one certainty in life: that it ends, for every one of us. And as grim a reminder as that might be, it is a completely normal and ubiquitous event, and one that funeral services professionals encounter daily.

The Multifaceted Work Lives of Funeral Service Professionals

As you may know, individuals who have entered the funeral home services profession assist and serve families when a loved one has passed away. These professionals engage in a wide variety of tasks as part of their jobs. These duties can include transfer of the deceased body to where it needs to be (such as from the hospital to a funeral home or crematory); aiding families in the selection of burial or crematory products; care of the body, such as washing, embalming, dressing, restoration and makeup application, arrangement in the casket, and so forth; consulting on official documentation and questions about insurance, social security, and more; arranging outside services such as music or a military presence; funeral service direction and/or management; burial arrangement and assistance; memorial flower and photo arrangements and the delivery of such items to the family at the end of the funeral; directing of funeral attendees to the appropriation gathering locations; and more.

Clearly, the work of a funeral services professional is extraordinarily multi-faceted. And as if the above wasn’t enough, these professionals are also in charge of sourcing all of their own product offerings, such as caskets, urns, property, grave stones, and more. With such a unique line of work that, while very needed, is also oddly uncommon, where can funeral professionals locate the gear and product offerings that they need to most effectively serve families in need?

Funeral Services Trade Shows and Conferences: Where Professionals Gather

Believe it or not, there are conferences and trade shows that are specific to all things funeral. At trade shows, funeral home directors and service providers can view the variety of available products related to their industry, taking particular note of the latest models and what advances have been made in, for example, burial technology. And at conferences, funeral professionals not only get to peruse available funeral products offerings, but can also expand their professional craft by attending workshops related to their interests or needs.

Below are a handful of top funeral professional gatherings, both conferences and trade shows, for those who specialize in this unique and truly needed line of work:

The Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America (CFSA) Conference and Trade Show

Every fall, nearly 300 funeral suppliers gather in Indianapolis for this annual event sponsored by the CFSA. Professionals can expect to network with funeral related suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors at this gathering. This CFSA conference and trade show also boats social parties and distributes awards.

The Miami Funer Worldwide Funeral Industry Conference & Expo

In March, Miami, Florida, is hosting the Miami Funer international conference and expo for all thing funeral. The Miami Funer is putting on a wide variety of applicable workshops on topics ranging from marketing to customer service to digital merchandising to franchising. At these event you will see many trade show booths displaying various funeral products  such as products related to ceramic pictures and frames, stationary, aftercare and grief services, embalming, engraving, caskets and coffins and urns, transport equipment, sanitary products, and much more.

The National Association of Funeral Directors National Funeral Exhibition

Over in the United Kingdom, the National Association of Funeral Directors hosts an annual exhibition at Stoneleigh Warwickshire in June to display the most recent funeral product offerings to English funeral professionals. At this event, attendees will browse a wide variety of product offerings and also take in educational seminars and discussions.

Types of services a funeral home offers

Losing a loved one is not something light and it usually comes as a shock to people. The majority of people who have dealt with the death of a friend, colleague, or family member are usually troubled with the question of what to do next. Very few individuals are prepared for such an event since as human beings we don’t like to face the fact that death is imminent.

To help people deal with such stressful situations, funeral homes also referred to as mortuaries or funeral parlors offer services that attend to the deceased and his or her family during the funeral process. Such companies relieve the immediate family and friends the burden of dealing directly with their dearly departed. Services provided by funeral homes include;


Funeral homes usually organize the moving of the deceased from the place of death which can be either from the hospital, home, nursing home etc. The company will also ensure that the body is transported to whatever destination that the bereaved family wishes it to be moved until the deceased is laid to rest.

Provision of professional care

Funeral homes are also tasked with the responsibility of attending to the deceased as per the request of the family members. The professional care services provided by these parlors include embalming, washing, casketing, dressing cosmetology, casketing and restorative art. They will also provide things urns in the case of cremation.


The funeral homes will also consult the family so as to get the needed information for preparing death certificates and to organize the funeral and burial services. During this process, the company ensures that it has formulated, completed, and filed all the necessary paperwork that includes the death certificate, authorizations, and permits.


With information gathered from immediate family members and close friends, the funeral parlors also compose obituaries that are inclusive of biographical information, service information, and survivor information. The obituary is then sent to all the newspapers that the family has requested.

Provision of memorial products

Most people prefer to have memorial products that will remind them of the final send off of their loved ones. Funeral homes come in handy in such situations since they provide acknowledgement cards, register books, memorial folders, Memorial Tribute DVDs, thank you cards, and prayer cards as requested by the bereaved family.

Organization of the funeral service

These companies ensure that the funeral services are orderly and that the attendants are well attended to. They help the families in the arrangement of framed photos, flowers, and memorial pieces in the venue of the service. They also direct the preferred funeral service in a professional way starting from the visitation to the actual funeral service, to the processional (if requested by the family) and finally to the disposition of the body (burial or cremation).

After the deceased has been laid to rest, and the burial service has been concluded, the funeral parlor staff will ensure the safe delivery of the register books, memorial contributions made towards the bereaved family, flowers, flower cards, tribute DVD, family photos, and any other relevant items back to the family.